Expanding business while Fighting financial crime is not an easy task.
Platforma365 is designed by AML compliance specialists for AML compliance specialists. This KYC/KYB AML risk management cloud platform helps AML regulated institutions all over the world manage the whole customer onboarding journey and further monitoring. Moreover, the user-friendly interface greatly simplifies this demanding process, introducing new levels of cost and time efficiency. Platforma365 is a product of a 2 year development by an international team of software engineers coordinated by an Israeli- based IT and software company.
The platform covers all relevant information related to a customer, whether they are an individual or an organization, meet the identification and verification requirements by utilizing the latest technology, fully compliant with the latest regulatory requirements.
The freedom to integrate a plethora of software products and new core features, grants a compliance department of any regulated institution full independence from any other third party provider. It is then able to onboard, validate legitimacy and analyze risk with increased efficiency. Platforma365 massively increases effectiveness and productivity by addressing every aspect of AML/TF compliance. An easy-to-use interface and an array of appropriate tools will assist you in managing the entire customer KYC/KYB journey.
The platform is designed to meet PSD 2-5, FATCA and international requirements for AML KYC onboarding and monitoring.
How it Works: Setup
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How it Works: Process
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