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Cloud-based AML compliance (KYC/KYB) risk management platform
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Get Report on the Individual or a company in real time
Individuals and Legal Entities are checked against AML Sanctions, Peps and adverse media. Legal Entities in addition are checked with Online Government Registrars of Legal Entities (depending on data availble)
Faster and more effective onboarding and monitoring with Compliance365™
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The Concept
This modern, powerful and intuitive platform has been created specifically for AML Compliance Teams. The development is still active and we aim to support the product with further updates.
Compliance365™ cloud platform has already been highly appreciated by companies operating in various industries, such as but not limited to: Fintech and Wealth Management firms, Corporate Services Providers, Accounting Service Providers, Firms and other professionals
Designed by AML specialists for AML specialists this powerful tool covers the entire process of onboarding and monitoring clients of regulated entities. Platforma365 brings a new arsenal of tools to combat money-laundering and terrorism financing schemes.
Compliance365™ is a unified cloud platform featured to manage the complete process of AML Due Diligence Processes:
KYC/KYB for Onboarding
KYC/KYB for Monitoring
KYC/KYB Report
from Online onboarding Forms to Complete KYC/KYB Report
Why should you choose Compliance365™?
Reduce the time of onboarding from months to days and from days to hours, all because of *suggestion: as ‘expertise’ does not quite fit the term ‘feature’, it might be better to use ‘our unique benefits
Direct access to Government Sources of Information
Integration of third-party data providers
Cost efficiency for both low and high volumes of end-clients
Worldwide expertise and long-term experience in corporate documentation and government certificates
Automatic creation of Compliance Reports
Secure access to data via a Virtual Private Network
Intuitive Design
GDPR Compliant datacentre
Dox 365™
Now you have access to corporate information and official company documents in almost all countries in the world. Information is based only on official / Government sources and can be utilized for KYC/KYB purposes.
Dox 365™
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We provide services for Regulated Entities across the globe:
Wealth Management
Corporate Service Providers
Lawyers, Notaries, Accountants
Real Estate Agencies
Logistics Transportations
Banking Software developers
KYC/KYB Service Providers
Software Integrators
Our clients: Use cases
Privilege yourself with accepting and processing transparent payments globally
Online Forms
Online Government Information
Request of Documents from Government sources
AML/PEP Sanctions screening
Profile management
Automated KYC/KYB reports
BIO ID Verification
Setup your due diligence process in 3 easy steps
Take your client to a pleasant onboarding journey
Connect your favorite applications and platforms
Try service in action absolutely free.
Our specialist will tell you everything in detail
Try service in action absolutely free. Our specialist will tell you everything in detail
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